Guidelines for Support

We can't currently guarantee support, but we do our best. To ensure the best possible chance of getting a timely response, please follow these guidelines if you're having trouble with one of our products.

Support Channels

We ask that you avoid using the contact form on our website and twitter for support related issues. Instead, either open a GitHub issue on the relevant repository, or leave a Disqus comment under a relevant tutorial (if applicable).

This ensures that any solution provided will be visible to the wider community and can therefore provide assistance to other developers in the process.

GitHub Issues

Bug Reports

These types of issues are welcome, but we ask that you be as descriptive as possible, and always provide a link to a reduced test case or reproduction of the problem on JSFiddle. Issues without a working reproduction may be closed until one is provided. Avoid including any third-party libraries such as jQuery or Bootstrap in your JSFiddle if possible.

Please also provide information about your browser/platform (if applicable) and the expected vs resulting behavior.

Feature Requests

These types of issues are also welcome, but be aware that any requested features should be generic and not aimed at providing integration with a specific third-party library or widget. Please explain the purpose of your feature request and provide a valid use case that is not closely coupled to specific third-party software.

General Questions

Before using GitHub issues to ask a general support question, please ensure you have read all relevant documentation. If you have a question related to the suitability of one of our products for your project or organization, the contact form on our website may be more appropriate.

The following types of question will most likely be ignored or closed without comment:

"Not working, please help"

Why? This type of question provides no information about the issue you are having. If you have exhausted all demos and resources, please reduce your problem to a single specific issue and submit a bug report in the format outlined above.

"Not working with UltimateJQueryBootstrapSlider"

Why? We can only provide support for our own software, which we aim to make as configurable as possible, as well as providing powerful APIs for integration with other services. If you chose to closely integrate our software with a third-party library, you're on your own.

"Can you take a look at my code and tell me what I'm doing wrong?"

Why? This is not an efficient way for us to help you. Please ensure you've read all relevant documentation and studied all relevant demos. If you're still having problems, please reduce your problem to a single issue and submit a bug report in the format outlined above.

MixItUp Premium Extensions

If you are having trouble with a premium extension for MixItUp (which isn't publicly available on GitHub), please feel free to open an issue in the MixItUp core repository, referencing the name of the extension in the title.