MixItUp will always be open-source and free to use for non-commercial use.

However, if you'd like to use MixItUp or any of its premium extensions in a commercial project or product, you'll need to purchase a commercial license. We offer a range of licenses to suit all needs.

If you have a question about MixItUp licenses, check out our License FAQ section below.

You may view our commercial license terms here.


One-time payment

Use MixItUp in unlimited commercial projects

One developer

Perfect for freelancers
Small Business

One-time payment

Use MixItUp in unlimited commercial projects

Up to 10 developers

Perfect for startups

One-time payment

Use MixItUp in unlimited commercial projects

Unlimited developers

For large businesses

One-time payment

Re-sell MixItUp in unlimited commercial themes, templates and plugins

Unlimited developers

For theme authors

License FAQs


If you have a question regarding licensing MixItUp which isn't answered below, please contact us.

What is a commercial project?

A commercial project is defined as any project (typically a website or web application) where the developer (the person writing the code to integrate MixItUp), is either being compensated financially for their work, or will receive income from the commercialization of the project. All of our commercial license types cover use of MixItUp in commercial projects.

However, if you intend to resell MixItUp in a commercial theme, template or plugin, you must purchase a Reseller license. As our top-tier license, reseller licenses also cover use in unlimited commercial projects, by unlimited developers.

What is non-commercial use?

Non-commercial use includes pro-bono and not-for-profit projects, where the developer (the person writing the code to integrate MixItUp) is not being compensated financially for their work. Educational projects for academic institutions such as schools, colleges and universities are also considered to be non-commercial.

For use in such non-commercial projects, MixItUp can be used under the same terms as the Creative Commons CC-BY-ND license.

Use within "code academy"-type courses and syllabi is considered to be commercial use and requires a commercial license.

Which types of project require a Reseller license?

A reseller license is required if you intend to distribute MixItUp as part of a commercial theme, plugin, or template, to multiple end-users. In these cases, where you are providing code or software as a product to be edited and/or integrated by an end-user (your customer), a reseller license allows your customers to use your product (and its MixItUp integration) in their own commercial projects without needing to purchase a commercial license for themselves. However, if your customer wishes to use MixItUp in a commercial project outside of the context of your product, they must purchase their own commercial license.

Do commercial licenses include access to premium extensions?

No. A MixItUp commercial license grants you or your organization permission to use MixItUp and its extensions in an unlimited number of commercial projects. However, commercial licenses do not include access to any premium extension (e.g. Pagination, MultiFilter), which must always be purchased separately.

Once you have purchased a premium extension, it will be available to download in your account.

Can I try MixItUp for free?

Yes. MixItUp is open source and available on GitHub and NPM. You are welcome to try it out on your commercial project in a development and staging environment to see if it meets your needs. If you like it, make sure to purchase a commercial license before your project goes live.

As premium extensions are not available on Github however, you will need to make a purchase in order to download them and try them out. We provide extensive documentation for all of our extensions which we recommend reading fully before making a purchase. However, if a premium extension does not meet the needs of your project, please contact us within 48-hours of purchase for a full refund.

What is a MixItUp Premium Extension?

Premium extensions are purchased separately but are used under the same terms as MixItUp. Therefore, a MixItUp commercial license grants you permission to use MixItUp and any of its premium extensions in commercial projects. Likewise, if you intend to use a premium extension for non-commercial use, no commercial license is required, but the extension must still be purchased.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payment by credit or debit card only (Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx). Payments are processed using Stripe over a secure SSL-encrypted connection. No credit card details are kept on our server at any time. We do not currently accept payment with Paypal or any other online payment processor.

Do I need to pay for extensions if my project is non-commercial?

Yes. Our premium extensions must be purchased individually regardless of the nature of your project.

Once you have purchased a premium extension, their use is included along with the MixItUp core under the terms of the applicable license for your project. Therefore (as with the MixItUp core), if you project is non-commercial, you may use our extensions under the same terms as the CC BY-NC 3.0 license, without a commercial license.

After I've purchased a license, what do I need to do?

Once your transaction has been successfully processed, you are immediately permitted to use MixItUp in your commercial product(s), and no additional action is required.

All commercial license holders have an account in our database which can be used to view and manage licenses and premium extensions, as well as download invoices and resend email receipts.

Accounts are associated with the name and email address that the individual or organization used at the time of purchase. These details may be edited at any time via your account settings page.

What about support?

Our commercial licenses grant you permission to use MixItUp commercially but do not include guaranteed support. We provide extensive documentation and tutorials covering all possible functionality, but feel free to get in touch if you have a question regarding a feature not covered in our documentation, or leave a comment under the relevant tutorial. We also recommend community-driven support forums such as Stack Overflow.

If you think you have found a bug, please feel free to submit a GitHub Issue. All bug reports should include a thorough description of the expected and resulting behavior, your browser and environment, along with a link to reduced test-case reproducing the issue on JSFiddle, Codepen.io, or a similar platform. Bug reports that do not meet these criteria may be closed without comment.

I already have a MixItUp 2 license. Do I need to upgrade it?

No. All licenses purchased before December 10th 2016 have been automatically upgraded to their current equivalent and no action is required by the license holder. Sign in to your KunkaLabs account (formerly your MixItUp account) to review your licenses.

However, if the circumstances under which you purchased your original license have now changed, for example – a single-developer license is now covering use by several developers – we ask that you upgrade your license to the appropriate type. You will receive a discount against the price of the new license equal to the price of your current license.

Can I use a personal license if I will be the only developer in my company using MixItUp?

Personal licenses are intended for use by freelancers, contractors, and sole proprietorships, and are not intended for use by businesses employing multiple developers. If you are purchasing a license on behalf of a company with multiple developers, we ask that you purchase the appropriate business-orientated license.

Do licenses cover use of MixItUp 2?

Yes. Our licenses cover use of MixItUp 3 and all previous versions of MixItUp (1 and 2), as well as all current and previous versions of MixItUp's premium extensions.

Can I distribute MixItUp in a commercial plugin or theme?

Yes - see the FAQ above entitled "Which types of project require a reseller license?". This type of use requires a Reseller license.

Can I distribute MixItUp in a free plugin or theme?

No. The legal complexities of distributing software with a proprietary license such as MixItUp in free third-party software make this kind of use extremely difficult. Allowing it would lead to many users bypassing our licensing (unknowingly or otherwise), and as such we no longer permit distribution of MixItUp in free plugins or themes. You may distribute MixItUp in commercial plugins and themes, but a Reseller license is required.

If you were distributing MixItUp 2 in any free theme, template or plugin launched before December 10th 2016, you may continue to do so. Use of MixItUp 3 however, or any version of MixItUp in a product released on or after December 10th 2016 must adhere to the policies set out by our current licenses.

Can you provide a business invoice?

Yes - we generate invoices for all transactions which will be sent to you via email once payment has been made. If you require a formal invoice before making payment, please contact us.

Do you offer an MIT license?

We do not offer an MIT license, and MixItUp is not MIT compatible. As you can see, we do our licensing a little differently from many community-maintained open source projects.

The revenue from our commercial licensing is essential to our ability to produce high-quality, bug-free and thoroughly documented software, as well as the necessary infrastructure to showcase and deliver that product to our users. And we hope that shows.

Unlike some of the most well-known open-source projects that are backed financially by large organizations such as Facebook, Google or Joyent, we rely on the revenue from our commercial license-holders, and we're extremely grateful to those people and organizations for that.

We don't want MixItUp to become one of the millions of pieces of abandoned open-source software and throw away side-projects found across GitHub and NPM, and the contributions from the many individuals and organizations who have supported MixItUp up to this point have ensured that development remains sustainable and that MixItUp has a healthy future.

Do prices include VAT?

As our products are B2B orientated and we are not currently UK VAT-registered, we charge no VAT on our products.