The mixitup.Events class contains all custom events dispatched by MixItUp at various points within the lifecycle of a mixer operation.

Each event is analogous to the callback function of the same name defined in the callbacks configuration object, and is triggered immediately before it.

Events are always triggered from the container element on which MixItUp is instantiated upon.

As with any event, registered event handlers receive the event object as a parameter which includes a detail property containting references to the current state, the mixer instance, and other event-specific properties described below.


A custom event triggered immediately after any MixItUp operation is requested and before animations have begun.

The mixStart event also exposes a futureState property via the event.detail object, which represents the final state of the mixer once the requested operation has completed.


A custom event triggered when a MixItUp operation is requested while another operation is in progress, and the animation queue is full, or queueing is disabled.


A custom event triggered after any MixItUp operation has completed, and the state has been updated.


A custom event triggered whenever a filter operation "fails", i.e. no targets could be found matching the requested filter.


A custom event triggered whenever a MixItUp control is clicked, and before its respective operation is requested.

This event also exposes an originalEvent property via the event.detail object, which holds a reference to the original click event.