Integrating MixItUp into Your Project

MixItUp can be used with static sites, CMSs, web apps and more. This tutorial will help you choose the right integration for your project.

Filtering and Sorting on Load

A look at how we can use the configuration object to load MixItUp in a state other than its default filtering and sorting behavior.

Using the Dataset API

New to MixItUp 3, the Dataset API allows interaction with MixItUp purely via changes to a data model, avoiding the use of DOM selectors.

Sorting with MixItUp

A summary of the various sorting techniques available in MixItUp – default sort, attribute sort, multi-attribute sort, and the sort API.

Filtering with MixItUp

A summary of the various filtering techniques available in MixItUp – filter/toggle controls, multidimensional filtering, and the filter API

MixItUp Grid Layouts

A summary of the three most common approaches to responsive grids – inline-block, flex-box, and floats – in the context of MixItUp.

Marking-up MixItUp Containers

This tutorial explores various container markup structures, and explains what is and isn't possible with MixItUp.